Free Choice Mineral Feeders

In March 2019 Linnburn Station brought the Pat Coleby Books Natural Sheep CareNatural Cattle Care. This was the start of our move into diverse free choice minerals in the paddock.

In effect we took the decision that we believe animals are smart enough to self medicate and we plan to provide animal health outside the sheep and cattle yards. We started the journey to not drenching. We have a long way to go but the progress to date is phenomenal!

In March we looked to buy rugged affordable portable mineral feeders and could not find any on the market so we built our own.

Mineral Feeder

In our mineral feeders we use:

  1. Molasses
  2. Himalayan Salt
  3. Salt with Seaweed blocks
  4. Salt with Sulphur blocks
  5. Kelp in fine ground
  6. Nutritech Dan Mix Sheep and Goat
  7. Mainland Minerals Dairy XM
  8. Seawater
  9. Humate
  10. Apple Cider Vinegar
  11. Zinc & Copper Sulphate

We have found that at different times stock eat different products. The only way to learn is to trial different things, but you need to be very careful with Copper Sulphate with Sheep.

If you have any questions please in contact with us

Mineral Feeders

Its a great feeling seeing animals at mineral feeder.

Mineral Feeder

The following is the composition of Seawater

Composition of Seawater

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