Books to Read

Growing a Revolution David Montgomery

Growing a Revolution

Growing a Revolution draws on visits to farms in the industrialized world and developing world to show that a new combination of farming practices can deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions to problems farmers face today. Montgomery explores why practices based on the principles of conservation agriculture help restore soil health and fertility. In addition, he discusses how these practices translate into farms that use less water, generate less pollution, and lower carbon emissions. Combining ancient wisdom with modern science, Growing a Revolution lays out a solid case for an inspiring vision where agriculture becomes the solution to environmental problems.

We totally recommend reading Growing a Revolution and the Hidden Half of Nature. These two books will open your eyes to what you have not been seeing.

Dirt to Soil Gabe Brown

Dirt to Soil Gabe Brown

An easy read from the person we spoke to in 2015. Gabe is one of the yoda’s of Regenerative Agriculture. When we first spoke to him he said to Peter Barrett do not soil test, or use synthetic fertiliser just plant cover crops and diverse specie mixes. So we did and that is the best advise we got.

Our take on it was don’t send your money to town. Spend it on diverse seed mixes and let them grow! Trust Nature.

“The greatest roadblock to solving a problem,” Brown says, “is the human mind.”

Natural Sheep Care

Pat Coleby

Nature Sheep Care

In this comprehensive guide for all breeders and keepers of sheep, Pat Coleby draws on decades of experience in natural animal husbandry to provide essential information for organic and sustainable farmers.

A longtime commercial livestock farmer who takes a natural approach to husbandry, Coleby covers breeds of sheep, wool, meat and milk production, feeding requirements, poisonous plants, minerals and vitamins, herbal, homeopathic and natural remedies, and more. Originally published in Australia, this edition has been expanded significantly in the areas of breeding for finer wool and meat, land management, sheep management, and treatment of health problems. Coleby’s step-by-step explanations of how to best benefit from a naturalistic, holistic approach make this book an invaluable resource for everyone with sheep.

Natural Cattle Care

Pat Coleby

Natural Cattle Care

Natural Cattle Care is a comprehensive analysis of farming techniques that keep the health of the animal in mind. Pat Coleby believes that how you farm determines the health of your livestock and she brings a wealth of animal husbandry experience to bear in this analysis of many serious problems of contemporary farming practices, focusing in particular on how poor soils lead to mineral-deficient plants and ailing farm animals.

Encompassing every facet of farm management, from the mineral components of the soils cattle graze over, to issues of fencing, shelter and feed regimens, Coleby provides system-level solutions and specific remedies for optimizing cattle health and productivity. She covers strategies for improving farm efficiency, breeding issues, common ailments and remedies, land regeneration and maintenance, and much more. Long revered in Australia as an outstanding expert in her field, Natural Cattle Care is an invaluable everyday resource for everyone with sheep.

Soil and Foliar Foodweb and Biolological Primer Books

Dr Elaine Ingham

Soil Food Web Soil Biology Primer

These books provide an understanding of the organisms in the soil and foliar foodwebs. An understanding of how these food webs improve disease suppression, nutrient retention, nutrient availability for the plant, decomposition of residues, and builds soil structure.

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