located in Central Otago

Where & What

Linnburn Station is located in Central Otago in the south end of the Maniototo.

Linnburn is on a journey to continually improve the environment that our animals live in. We want to make the soil healthier so our animals are healthier.

The property is 9300 hectares.

Linnburn Half Bred Sheep & Angus Cattle

Linnburn half bred ewes (half merino and half romney) are breed so that we can provide exceptional meat quality and wool that fit the merino adventure wear market.

Linnburn Angus Cattle are breed to perform in challenging environments. Our focus is a cow that is well balanced and not too big. This is essential as we need them to be able to walk in the mountains and maintain condition. To assist us in achieving this we have focused on ensuring all our Bulls have rib, rump fats, EMA and IMF well above the industry average so that our cattle can put on fat so that they can store nutrition and energy to be used in cold winters.

We are on a journey to continually improve the environment that we provide for our livestock. We want the soil to be healthier so that the animals are healthier and so they only ever experience one bad day.

The Ewes & Cows are farmed in paddocks up to 1,100 hectares in size so that they are provided scope and different terrain at different times of year. We are on a journey that is evolving every year where our desire is to farm in the shadow of nature where we use more and more holistic products like apple cider vinegar , mineral salt products, free choice humates (soft carbon), molasses and many others.

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