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Breeding Values – Linnburn Focus

In May 2017 Linnburn purchased 21 Stud Cows from Meadowslea Fairlie commencing the development of a Stud. In doing so we purchased cows that were high in Rib fat, Rump fat and low Mature Cow Weight so they could easily walk in the mountain. Since this time we have purchased some of the best bulls on Sale at Te Mania every year and a couple of Meadowslea and Stern Bulls.

We believe that if Cows are able to put on fat into winter ( from High Rib and Rump Fats breeding values) they effectively take a bale of baleage on their backs into Winter allowing them to deal with adversity (snow storms etc).

Below are some graphs that illustrate how some of our breeding value traits compare with the Angus industry breeding value.

TeMania 15388 (The Beast) 200 Straws for sale

TeMania 16305 (Muller) 500 Straws for Sale

TeMania 16310 (Mike) 500 Straws

Kakahu 18070 (Quaker) 300 Straws

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